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Thyroid Function

(contains patented  predigestedî Brown Algae Concentrate, Kaolin Clay, MSM & Colostrum)
Not only that the patented  predigestedî Brown Algae Concentrate makes this mask and body wrap 
more than forty times (40) more potent than masks and body wraps made from other seaweeds or 
kelps, but it also contains the miracle ingredients of MSM, Colostrum and Kaolin...

Taken orally, predigested Brown Algae has now been proven to balance the thyroid function and to 
detoxify the body from heavy metals, radiation and aid in the prevention and treatment of cancer*. 

For many centuries, the miraculous properties of seaweed have been well-known for making people 
more beautiful and healthy . For example, Laminaria japonica has been used in Japan for more than 800 
years and the Chinese have exported this unique type of seaweed for more than 500 years. These cultures have known for centuries that seaweed used orally and topologically improves hair structure, hair 
growth, nails, and skin. Look at the Japanese women with their wonderful skin and slim figures and...
much lower rates of breast cancer. Now science know why! 
Worldwide research indicates that seaweed extract is similar to human blood plasma. Thus, the vitamins, micro and macro elements, such as zinc, selenium, iron, and iodine so necessary to everyday life, 
are pumped in to the blood and help to balance the skin cells. 
e-toxal is Laminaria Japonica Algae Concentrate where the heavy indigestible fibers have been removed 
in a patented process, leaving the water soluble nutrients to be readily absorbed into the skin. You not 
only should take e-toxal as a food supplement but also use it for the face and body. 

Face Masks $19.95
One gram (one full table spoon) of E-toxal Mask mixed with  two tablespoons of warm water and 
left to stand for a few minutes (or more). Stirred until smooth and creamy , water is added as necessary, mask is then spread onto your face and left to set for 15-20 minutes or more, finished with a  warm water rinse . You will experience excellent results even after the first time. Recommended to be used weekly. 

Sea Salt Scrub & Seaweed Detox Wrap $198.00
For a full body wrap, we use five grams of e-toxal and 10 table spoons of warm water, left stand for a 
few minutes. Stirred until smooth and  creamy, water is added as necessary, mixture is then spread onto your body and left to sit for 15-20 minutes or more, finished with a warm water rinse.
The polysaccharides and nutrients in the e-toxal will pull toxins and fat from your skin, moisturizing and 
add needed nutrients.

The result is incredibly healthy, silky and smooth skin. 

Use e-toxal orally and topically and you will experience a whole new level in holistic anti-aging and 
skin care. For maximum results, use in combination with kNutek's Holistic Regimen, See also Scientific 
Medical Reports and kNutek brochures for more information about Holistic Health and Skin Care. 

Ask your Anti-Aging and Skin Care Provider Today!

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